We were an integral part of the manufacturing processes and operations for two Mars Missions.

For the past 25 years, ATC has been a leader in the manufacturing of precision components for Space Exploration, Military, Automotive, Medical and Electronic Industries as well as long run production of machined parts, using the latest technology in digital systems, CAD design and state of the art automation.

Whatever your requirements are — including prototypes, short runs or long-term production — ATC will deliver the highest quality parts, built to your exact specifications. We have the in-house capabilities to manage your precision-machined parts from initial concept, prototyping and then through final manufacturing including permanent production tooling. We invite you to review all that ATC can offer to your business and we look forward to working with you.

We were an integral part of the manufacturing processes and operations for two Mars Missions. The following testimonial from the American Technology Consortium showcases our dedication to the advancement of manufacturing:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank ATC for their extraordinary contribution to the Mars Pathfinder program. Only with your support was our organization able to quickly respond to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s needs and provide the Mars Pathfinder camera pointing mechanisms and airbag retraction actuator planetary gearboxes within the required schedule constraints. As the entire world knows the Mars Pathfinder mission was a fantastic success and you share the responsibility for this achievement. ATC is especially commended for its quick response turn around. Without your organization’s expertise and dedication, our job would have been significantly more difficult.

​Jim Sprunck – Executive Director
Doug Petercsack – Director Engineering and Operations

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