Rapid Prototype

Rapid prototyping is being used in just about all industrial sectors. ATC recognized early on the advantages of this new technology. Some of the benefits are:

– Increased visualization capability during the early phases of design

– Ability to detect design flaws before the manufacturing

– Rapidly create tooling to manufacture physical prototypes

Recently, one of our customers (Rockwell) claimed that this allowed them to reduce by seven months the time taken to develop a prototype engine.

Time and cost savings

In most cases companies using rapid prototyping have gained time reductions in the production of prototype tooling and parts, which is mostly how these time savings have been specified.

The figures for time reductions on prototyping vary greatly, ranging from 60 to 90%. On the whole this range is likely to be realistic given that the estimation of time savings, when compared to the conventional methods of prototyping.

For example: If mistakes can be identified before commitments are made to expensive tooling, then the costs associated with modifying such tools can be avoided.

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